The New & Very Welcome - House Fires of The Modern Age (Redux) CS New and restocked items


New album from The New & Very Welcome. The solo-project-turned-full-band effort from former Patch Kit song writer Jess McDermott has now released 2 collections of old TNVW material reworked with full instrumentation

"The New & Very Welcome, the Connecticut-based project of singer-songwriter Jess McDermott, recalls emo in its transitional 90s period, somewhere between the more elliptical drama of Mineral’s Endserenading and the minor-key rumination of Rooms Too Cold-era Early November. On House Fires Of The Modern Age, the new seven-song release from The New & Very Welcome, McDermott and collaborators Michael Buckland and Ryan Morton offer songs that expand out in patient tempos, atop which melodies are similarly stretched-out, syllables hanging in the middle distance. The record ranges from the surprisingly brisk “Greatest Hits” to album-highlight “Quit Saying ‘We’re Fucked’”, which offers a spindly haunted-ness reminiscent of Sunny Day Real Estate circa LP2." - Half Cloth