Loner Chic - Year of the Goth CS Loner Chic


Drawing members and influences from disparate corners of the Connecticut underground music scene, Loner Chic blends knowing, sardonic lyrics with a dynamic and various musical framework. On 'Year of the Goth', their Broken World Media debut LP, power pop riffs intersect with postmodern anxiety in an urgent, distinctly contemporary mélange that remains nevertheless referent to the indie rock tradition of Loner Chic's predecessors. Blown out, shout-along choruses buttress elegant guitar work, while the lyrics include references to everything from The Lemonheads to Drake to Virgil’s Aeneid. Catchy and brusque without sacrificing severity, 'Year of the Goth' offers party punk for the literary set.

FFO: power pop, indie rock, The Lemonheads, Joyce Manor, Desaparecidos, Titus Andronicus

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