The Max Levine Ensemble - Backlash, Baby! CS The Max Levine Ensemble

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The first new Max Levine Ensemble full length in 8 years! Cassette version via Broken World Media.

First edition: 100 blue tint cassettes.

"In November of 2015, The Max Levine Ensemble will release their latest album Backlash, Baby through Lame-O Records and Rumbletowne Records. A collection of songs written over the last seven years, the album is the culmination of The Max Levine Ensemble’s time together. On Backlash, Baby, they explore the deterioration of relationships in an era of technology and mass surveillance and the erosion of American identity in the face of a deteriorating environment and economy.The band that’s been kicking around the DC scene for fifteen years hasn’t stopped evolving as people and musicians while holding strong to the ideals that drive them. The band you hear on Backlash, Baby is the same Max Levine Ensemble you’ve heard before, but now they’ve got a little something more.