The Island of Misfit Toys - I Made You Something LP The Island of Misfit Toys


Born out of a sudden and intense burst of light in 2010, The Island of Misfit Toys is Chicago’s best- and worst-kept musical secret. A musical tour-de-force, the band flirts sonically between dozens of genres, spanning rock to folk, indie to slam poetry, mellow acoustics to harmonized hymnals, and beyond. I Made You Something, the second Island of Misfit Toys full-length, is a sprawling, ambitious record bridging the space between life, friendship, and the afterlife. Produced and recorded by Alex Burns (Tristen, Torres, The Please & Thank Yous), the album, 4+ years in the making with a music video in tow, is finally prepared for release.

The Island live show is, put simply, nine incredibly talented musicians cutting loose with total abandon while performing passionate, raucous music. The Island of Misfit Toys defy restraint and convention. The band intertwines the unique traits of its diverse members and influences into a single, unified, and remarkable whole, and leaves behind one of the midwest’s most powerful and exciting musical experiences.

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Vinyl pressing info
1st press - 300 copies black vinyl

2nd press - clear and blue splatter
- white
- black

Cassette pressing info
1st edition - 100 royal blue cassettes
2nd edition - white casstettes