TWIABP - Harmlessness *** LIMITED SCREEN PRINTED COVERS FOUND The World is a Beautiful Place & I am No Longer Afraid to Die


On September 25th The World Is A Beautiful Place will be releasing Harmlessness, their second full-length and first for the legendary punk outlet Epitaph Records. The album is a breakthrough, a new acme for a band that has done brilliant work in crafting striking melodies, poignant narratives, and confident, compelling songs out of their own complicated and imaginative aesthetic.

If Harmlessness marks a new milestone for the band, and its foremost artistic achievement, it’s also an album that spends time pondering the years that The World Is A Beautiful Place has spent finding its place. The title itself is a play on the band’s first release, a gesture inspired by the return of founding member Tyler Bussey. Yet Derrick Shanholtzer-Dvorak also sees “Harmlessness” as a state to be achieved, an ethos that fits with all the open spirit of being “formless”. In Shanholtzer-Dvorak’s words, the goal is “to exist in harmlessness, doing no harm to those around you.” It’s a fitting idea for an album this devoted to beauty and humanity, and the search to find one in the other. - Chad Jewett, Half Cloth

1. You Can't Live There Forever
2. blank #11
3. January 10th, 2014
4. The Word Lisa
5. Rage Against the Dying of the Light
6. Ra Patera Dance
7. Mental Health
8. Wendover
9. We Need More Skulls
10. Haircuts For Everybody
11. Willie (For Howard)
12. I Can Be Afraid of Everything
13. Mount Hum

First pressing info
3000 Black 2xLP Vinyl
1000 Clear & Pink Swirl 2xLP Vinyl
500 Violet & White Swirl 2xLP Vinyl (Band exclusive)
500 White 2xLP Vinyl (Tour exclusive)
500 Yellow 2xLP Vinyl (Retail exclusive)