Soda Bomb - Wanna Jam? Soda Bomb - Wanna Jam?


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Soda Bomb finds definition in lack-thereof. The Long Island, NY quartet shroud their earnest, yesteryear indie rock in a thick, fleecy fuzz and defy the straight faces of their peers with coy smirks. Taylor Berke, Jon Gusman, Richie Armour, and Nick McGowan Fillipi boast genuinely tongue-in-cheek personalities that almost equally match and mirror Berke’s self-disparaging and slacker style lyricism. Their latest LP, Wanna Jam?, is a perfect example of this. Lyrics like “Another life of hit and miss / Another wasted degenerate” (Look Ma, I Majored in House Parties) are belted in proximity with lyrics like “I'm in outer space / But I'm stuck on the ground / It doesn't make any sense / I don't know / ‘Cause I'm faded” (Brain Buster). Berke’s lyrics push and pull over the largely distorted, dimed instrumentation that lends itself to only the most elite of Northwestern-style indie rock.

Soda Bomb began in 2012 as a two-piece lo-fi band and quickly released two EPs, Hooligan and Boogers – the former including an earlier version of Damn, Dude. The releases introduced an early version of the band imbued with energy and garage rock fervor. Soda Bomb showed their progression with the release of their first EP, "The Future is Gonna Suck" – 12 songs with honed production that are equal parts slacker pop and Seattle-style indie rock. Their latest full-length, Wanna Jam?, showcases a Soda Bomb that has taken their biggest step yet. After adding guitarist Richie Armour and bassist Nick McGowan Fillipi, the band enlisted the engineering and mixing capabilities of Christ Teti and the spot-on mastering of John Markson. The LP is a natural progression from their earlier releases. The songs traverse landscapes with the charm of Built to Spill, but stretch and peak with the power of The Pixies’ most aggressive songs. If you were to plainly wrap them up into one sentence though, Soda Bomb just fucking rocks.

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